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Logo Centre d’informació TransMet

Find out the current status of the public transport network in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona:

07/6/2023 13:00
⚠🚊 Rodalies R3: Circulació interrompuda entre Torelló i Manlleu. Servei alternatiu per carretera. ⚠🚋 Tram Barcelona: Restablert el servei. Freqüències de pas alterades.     ✅ La resta de la xarxa de transport públic de l'àrea de Barcelona funciona amb normalitat.

Since 1998, collaboration protocols have been signed with operators and major radio broadcasters to offer the information service on the status of the metropolitan public transport network and any news items occurring related to the urban transport system.

The purpose of this service is to provide citizens in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona with real-time information on the status of the network by agreeing a slot for news and updates on various radio stations.

The TransMet Information Centre (CIT) operates from 6.30 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8 am to 2 pm during the month of August.

48 connections are made every day from the CIT at the times and on the radio stations listed below:

Time of connection TransMet Information Centre
7:20 Ràdio 4 / Ràdio 5
7:30 Ràdio Teletaxi
7:34 Catalunya Ràdio
7:51 Ràdio 4-5 / RN
8:04 RC Badalona
8:08 Ràdio Molins de Rei
8:14 Ràdio Estel
8:20 Ràdio Pomar
8:40 Mataró Ràdio
8:40 Ràdio 5
9:05 Ràdio Premià
9:12 Ràdio Rubí
9:20 El Prat Ràdio
10:05 Ràdio Premià
10:10 Ràdio 4 - Programa
10:36 Orgull Ràdio
12:03 Ràdio Molins de Rei
13:33 Ràdio Sabadell
13:35 Ràdio Sant Feliu


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